U.S. Congress Committee to review impeachment report

The organization held open hearings for two weeks. To begin, let’s recall the scandalous events that preceded this high-profile process.

Bloomberg reporters conducted an investigation into the relationship of the lawyer of US President Rudi Giuliani with Ukrainian businessmen and officials. The agency described how Donald Trump’s personal lawyer could get information that the American leader can use against his political opponents.

The investigation revealed that Giuliani is the honorable mayor of the small town Anatevka (suburb of Kiev, Ukraine).

The town was created as part of a project to help members of the Jewish community who, because of the war, were forced to leave Donbass. The town consists of several dozen houses. It is guarded by armed forces. Also, there are several schools where the children of businessmen study. Teachers of these schools are selected based on the results of the paraprofessional resume competition, in which teachers from common public schools do not participate. A preliminary assessment of candidates is carried out using a similar American system, so without ats friendly resume examples it is impossible to pass this selection. Thus, only specialists with American roots or relevant work experience can teach at these school.

US accuses Ukraine of interfering in elections

According to the agency, Lev Parnassus and Igor Fruman, Giuliani’s business partners, recently accused of violating US election laws, invested in the construction of the town. They were detained by US authorities on October 9 at Dulles, Virginia International Airport.

They are suspected of illegal financial assistance to various structures associated with the Republican Party and the election headquarters of Donald Trump. We are talking about the allocation of 325 thousand dollars to the Republicans, as well as an attempt to exert political influence. A lawyer who will unravel this should serve as a model and inspiration for future generations, this is an ideal candidate for an iconic portfolio: https://resumesbot.com/criminal-justice-cover-letter-example/ worth adding to the Legal citation guides.

Entrepreneurs also participated as intermediaries in organizing negotiations between American representatives and Ukrainian officials, seeking to transfer control over Naftogaz to them.

Donald Trump

Azman and Giuliani have known each other for about 15 years. This was told by Bloomberg source. Before the foundation of the town, the charity organization “American Friends of Anatovka” was created. It was there that Fruman and the “partners” stored about 500 thousand dollars. However, the company has not filed any financial reports over the past two years.

The organization was founded in 2017, and its accounting department is located in Brooklyn (New York). They declined to comment on this information. Giuliani also did not answer questions about this town.

Journalists claim Trump’s lawyer launched a campaign against former vice president Joe Biden before his trip to Paris. There, a ceremony was held to greet Giuliani as a mayor of the town.

In the capital of France, he also met with the chairman of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Nazar Holodnitsky. An American lawyer tried to get an investigation into Ukraine’s interference in the 2016 US election.

Impeachment of the president – is it possible?

On Tuesday, December 3, the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee will vote on the investigation report of the impeachment case against US President Donald Trump. This is reported by the newspaper Politico.

For two weeks, the organization held open hearings with 10 witnesses in the “Ukrainian case”. Earlier, the investigation was conducted in a closed format.

The newspaper writes that lawmakers will have 24 hours to discuss the report. It starts on Monday, December 2, after which it will be put to the vote.

It is expected that most representatives of the Democratic Party will support the document and it will eventually be approved, and then submitted to the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives.

Earlier reports appeared that on December 4, the US House of Representatives Legal Committee will discuss the constitutional grounds for impeachment to Donald Trump and decide whether to move the matter further to the vote of the chamber.

In the event that the House of Representatives declares impeachment to the American leader, the Senate will have to conduct a trial of Trump. To remove the head of state from his post, it is necessary that two-thirds of senators recognize him guilty of an offense.

Meanwhile, Republicans control the majority in the Senate. Currently, none of them spoke in support of impeachment.

Recall that the Democrats began the process of impeachment against Trump, putting forward suspicions that he had delayed military assistance to Ukraine, demanding in exchange for help an investigation against his own political opponent Joe Biden.

Democrats, in turn, control the House of Representatives, which allows them to impeach Trump in that House. However, in the Senate, the republican majority does not intend to impeach the head of state.

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