Frank Will Vote

  • FOR elimination of all federal income-based taxes and elimination of the IRS.
  • FOR passage of the Fair Tax Bill (HR 25 and S1025).
  • FOR a federal balanced-budget amendment.
  • FOR properly funding Social Security and Medicare.
  • FOR elimination of our financial dependency upon foreign governments.
  • FOR ending birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.
  • FOR securing our borders and ending illegal immigration.
  • AGAINST sending our troops into harm’s way in “no-win” police actions.
  • AGAINST groups and trade deals that threaten United States sovereignty.
  • AGAINST tax increases not directly related to fighting a constitutionally declared war.
  • AGAINST federal government funding for universal healthcare.
  • AGAINST regulation of the Internet.
  • AGAINST unbalanced budgets.
  • AGAINST unconstitutional spending.

Frank Zilaitis has accumulated over 30 years of domestic and international experience in engineering, business development and law. He was a cold war “civilian soldier” during the Reagan years. He has managed projects and programs in the defense and commercial arenas. He knows, first-hand, the ramifications of “blowback” from international arms sales. He can ask the tough questions about technology, budgets and schedules to hold government contractors accountable for their actions. As a former Assistant State Attorney, Frank understands the importance of enforcing the law. As a counselor and attorney at law, Frank owns and operates a small business and understands how the U.S. Tax code hurts business owners. He has worked tirelessly to improve the law for Florida’s families. Think about it. . .