The Queen Steps Down

To the Anonymous Posters at Florida Today On-Line, NPAs, Disgruntled Democrats and Resentful Republicans,

I am absolutely stunned that Ms. Higgs has suddenly chosen to bow out of the race according to Florida Today On-line. I wish her well; however, does this mean there might be another coronation around the corner? I hope not, but an insider told me a week ago that he thought the Democratic Leadership was looking for a much stronger candidate to enter the race on their behalf. So, maybe this news isn’t so stunning afterall.

In the meantime, I again respectfully request that all of you consider my application for employment as your U.S. Representative in Washington, D.C. I will never pledge allegiance to a political party because I believe each one of us is intelligent enough to study the issues and make our own choice as to who we want to represent all of us in Washington.

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